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8 Luggage Brands That Are Worth the Investment

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Picture it: your suitcase tumbles down the luggage chute, springs open, and splays its contents across the conveyor belt for all the airport to see.

After your panic attack subsides, you immediately vow to buy the best suitcase money can afford, but quality luggage does more than make sure your belongings arrive intact—a good suitcase can make the entire traveling experience better.
The key to choosing the best luggage is to use your travel habits as a guide. Whether you take weekly work trips or only roam for relaxation, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated luggage brands for every travel style.

The Occasional Tourist

Travel frequency: 2-3 trips of varying lengths per yearPriorities: Reliability, value
Since entering the luggage game in 1999, Victorinox has been regarded for its versatility, dependability, and functionality. This comes as no surprise, considering the brand created the Swiss army knife (yeah, you heard that right).

Consumer Report Rating: 87 (carry-on,) 85 (checked)Carry-on: WT 22 U.S. Carry-On ($319.95)Checked: Spectra 2.0 Expandable Medium Case ($429.99)

SamsoniteOne of the most well-known luggage brands, Samsonite offers a range of quality products at price points that accommodate any budget.
Consumer Report Rating: 85 (carry-on), 83 (checked)Carry-on: Eco-Nu 20” Expandable Spinner ($220)Checked: Spettro 25” Spinner ($340)

The Globe Trotter

Travel frequency: 8-10 international trips per yearPriorities: Quality, longevity
Briggs & RileyThe crème de la crème of travel, Briggs & Riley’s high price tag comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty: the brand fixes any and all damage for free, no questions asked.

Consumer Report Rating: 92 (carry-on), 90 (checked)Carry-on: Sympatico International Carry-On Expandable Spinner ($579)
Checked: Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe ($789)

The #OOTD Traveler

Travel frequency: 8-10 weekend and extended trips per yearPriorities: Style, originality, quality
HartmannHartmann has evolved alongside America’s travel industry, and its designs evoke this heritage. Reminiscent of leather-trimmed trunks and hand-held suitcases, the domestic brand blends classic style with modern functionality.

Consumer Report Rating: 88 (carry-on), 86 (checked)Carry-on: 21” Tweed Legend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner ($549.99)Checked: 32” 7R Spinner Large ($590)

Bric’sLike many travel brands, Bric’s started out as a fine leather goods company. But its Italian heritage and hand craftsmanship have solidified the family-run company as one of the world’s premier luxury luggage creators.
Consumer Report Rating: N/A, but named a top luggage brand by Travel + LeisureCarry-on: Firenze 21” Carry-On Spinner ($725)Checked: Bellagio V2.0 32” Spinner Trunk ($427.50)

The Business Commuter

Travel frequency: 2-3 short trips per monthPriorities: Durability, compactness, ease of use
TUMIEach TUMI product is put to the test over the course of 30 different trials to ensure lasting durability. Plus, proprietary technologies like T-Pass and TUMI Tracker make nuisances like long security lines and lost luggage less bothersome.
Consumer Report Rating: 88 (carry-on), 86 (checked)Carry-on: Latitude International Slim Carry-On ($645)
Checked: Short Trip Packing Case ($850)

TravelproFounded by a Northwest Airlines pilot, Travelpro created the original rolling suitcase. To this day, the brand is still a top choice of frequent fliers and airline crews.

Consumer Report Rating: 88 (carry-on), 86 (checked)Carry-on: Platinum Elite International Expandable Carry-On Spinner ($256.90)Checked: Bold 30″ Drop Bottom Rolling Duffle ($171.33)

The Adventurer 

Travel frequency: 3-4 multi-stop trips per yearPriorities: Durability, mobility, comfort
Eagle CreekCreated for travelers who prefer the exotic to the established, Eagle Creek stands out for its innovative versatility. With a return rate of less than 1 percent and multiple warranties, it’s a top choice of savvy thrill-seekers.

Consumer Report Rating: 90 (carry-on), 90 (checked)Carry-on: Morphus International Carry-On ($199)Checked: Expanse Convertible 29 ($237.50)

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