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6 Stylish Travelers to Inspire What You Pack for Your Trip on a Budget

(image: Instagram @annstreetstudio)

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I enjoy nothing more than getting out of town during the summer. Don’t get me wrong, summer in Brooklyn is terrific, but so is being on a real beach (sorry Riis!).

In the past few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to hit up Tortola, Tulum, and Minneapolis. Now I’m getting ready to head to Los Angeles and Chicago later this month. Hello, Delta SkyMiles!

Of course the hardest part of traveling—after figuring out what to do—is deciding what to wear. When faced with this very serious contemplation, I tend to turn to IG for a hefty dose of style inspo.

Here’s a handful of ladies that are plane ol’ chic (see what I did there?) to get you through any sartorial humps in your nomadic way. 

Zim Ugochukwu 

(images: Instagram @zimism)

If you’ve heard Zim’s name before, it’s probably because she is the powerhouse behind Travel Noire, an Instagram account turned travel resource for people of color.

The brand was so successful, it was acquired by Blavity in 2017.

Zim’s personal style is simple but eclectic, a blend of base colors with rich textures. She never leaves home without noise-cancelling headphones, intention, and mints (to avoid traveler’s breath).

Candice Lake

(image: Instagram @candicelake)

Photographer and contributing editor for Vogue,Candice is the quintessential global citizen.

Born in Australia, living in London, and flawlessly stylish, one of the style pillars she practices is matching sets—particularly suits—the ultimate space saver when you’re on the go! (It’s literally three outfits in one.) 

Jessica Nabongo

(image: Instagram @thecatchmeifyoucan)

At 33 years old, Jessica has set an ambitious goal—to visit every country in the world. The digital nomad has already checked off 114 of 195 UN countries. Can you say #DamnGirl?

Jessica boldly rocks a bald head and the brightest lipsticks she can find. Color is a huge staple in her wardrobe, which pops out in the backdrops of all the countries she visits.

It also doesn’t hurt that she looks killer in a swimsuit!

Christina Perez

(image: Instagram @christinalperez)

Originally from Brooklyn, Christina created Inside Elsewhere, a lifestyle journal dedicated to travel and filled with incredible recommendations on what to do, see, and everything in between from Celestun, Yucatan to Walla Walla, Washington.

(She’s also a contributing writer at Vogue, Departures, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and Condé Nast Traveler!)

Her boho-femme style translates to a ton of breezy dresses, caftans, and prints galore.

R’el Dade

(image: Instagram @arie_carie)

Together with her boyfriend, Marcus Lloyd, this NYC couple travels near (Greenpoint, NY) and far (Havana, Cuba), stylishly documenting everything along the way.

Shockingly enough (I’m practically rolling my eyes out of my head), R’el is also an established model, which means she looks great in all things.

I love how she pairs elegant blouses with denim and has never met a pair of flats she didn’t like. 

Jamie Beck

(image: Instagram @Annstreetstudio)

Wow. It’s hard to formulate words when looking at Jamie’s surreal images. My favorite part about her account is her artfully directed self-portraits.

When it comes to her wardrobe, drama is the name of the game—think cleavage, billowing dresses, slits, or perhaps nothing at all. Jamie’s #provenceselfportraitseries is photography at its finest.

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