10 Ways to Celebrate Mom from Near & Far

By Maia Monell | 08 May 2020

This Mother’s Day definitely looks different than those of the past. Still, that’s no reason to skip celebrating the wonderful women in our lives who teach us to be strong, to stand up against adversity, and to never stop believing in ourselves.

So we put together a list of 10 ways to celebrate the moms in your life (grand, great, god, step, favorite, etc.) no matter where you might be celebrating her from.

#1 Go for a Walk

If you’re like us, you might not always have a ton of time to chat one-on-one with Mom. Put time on the calendar on Sunday to video call her outside of the typical household distractions. Going for a walk is good for you both, and can bring some needed 1-1 time. Even if the siblings want in, it’s still a great way to show each other some fresh surroundings while getting out of the household hoopla.

#2 Bake Together (kinda)

Similar to #1, there are a million ways to celebrate together, whether you’re in the same house or calling in from your phone/computer/tablet. Baking is one of our favorite things to do with mom. Ask her ahead of time what one of her favorite childhood recipes was and bring her (on your phone if you’re quarantined) into the kitchen with you to bake together this Sunday. It’s another great way to unwind and spend some quality 1-1 time together.

#3 Host a Netflix Party

You don’t have to be super tech-savvy for this one, we promise. Use the Netflix Party extension to watch your favorite show together. Nothing comes to mind? Try finding something new beforehand and watching it together on Sunday. We’re LOVING Good Girls, Season 2. After all, there’s nothing a mama wouldn’t do for her kids.

#4 Run a Race Together

For all my uber-active mother-child duos, there’s nothing better than some good, old-fashioned competition. Good for you, good for her, good for relieving all that pent up stress and anxiety this pandemic’s brought upon us. Since the start of COVID, marathon events have gone virtual and this Mother’s Day you can too. Join this Mother’s Day Virtual 5k-10k. Run mama, run!

#5 Get to Gardening

If you’re at all like some on our team, you’ll have found some new ways to pass the time from home by now. Gardening’s been top on my list for the past few weeks. Once again, it’s another way to get outside and spend some time with yourself. Why not bring Mom into some of the green-thumb fun? If you two enjoy this outside activity, schedule time on Sunday to get started on a new project or take her on a virtual tour through your existing work!

#6 A Day at the Museum

While museums, zoos and theme parks are all closed this Mother’s Day, many are offering virtual tours! It might seem odd, but trust us. We’ve done a few and found them to be pretty fun from the comfort of our own living rooms. Here’s a solid list of options from the Louvre and the Vatican to Disney and the San Diego Zoo!

#7 Send Her a Video

If you’re not with Mom this Mother’s Day, why not send her a video? You could read her a poem, tell her a story, or just share what happened to you this week. Moms love hearing from you and they LOVE showing you off to their friends. So why not send her a video, edited with some cool Canva templates, that she can keep on the Cloud to whip out at the next family function?

#8 Buy Her a Subscription

While many of us are trying to stay on a tighter-than-usual budget these days, we can’t help but love some of the subscription options that could be right up her alley. If the usual subscriptions aren’t her thing (newsletters, apps, streaming), maybe she’d like a book subscription. Book of the Month offers a variety of different subscription plans that send her up to 5 new books every month.

#9 Donate to her Local Hospital

Any donation goes a long way for our frontline healthcare workers right now. Donate a gift to her local hospital in her honor and send her a card with your donation details included. Again, Canva’s a great way to customize an e-card.

#10 Play a Game!

Looking to celebrate Mom with the whole family? Try our new favorite virtual game, Kahoot! You can customize the questions to make it all about Mom or play one of the templated games. It a seriously good time and will bring a little fun and laughter to everyone in your crew.

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